WE live in love through our Baptismal Promises to welcome and respect the dignity of every human being, care for God’s creation, and engage in the ministry of Jesus to bring light, healing, and grace to our world.

WE manifest joy through vibrant worship, beautiful music, and the active participation and nurturing of our children and youth.

WE embrace resilience by learning each other’s stories, proclaiming the Good News of God’s unconditional love, and strengthening our capacity to hope.

WE seek justice by advocating for political change, continuing our work as an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation, and striving to understand our role in social, economic, and racial inequality.

WE are rooted as an Episcopal Church, honoring our traditions from the creative perspective of our community, learning how to engage the bilingual and multicultural makeup of our congregation, and seeking silence and stillness to glean insight from the Holy Spirit among us.

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