Pastoral Care

Prayer shawls to be blessed – Easter 2010

This area of ministry involves the caring that we all give each other as members of this community and not just the pastors caring for the community. Pastoral Care also involves helping each other learn more about health and self-care. Caring for one another is part of our vocation as Christians. This compassionate care is especially evidenced during times of crisis: a death in the family, an illness or hospitalization, a job loss. Celebrations and joys are also to be shared: a new marriage or a new baby, recovery from illness or surgery, a graduation – all of which are major turning points in our lives. This ministry can be invisible, as so much of our pastoral caring is done in our everyday conversations and attitudes towards each other. But there are more known and visible arenas as well, such as hosting funeral receptions, praying for others as a member of the parish prayer chain, offering healing ministry through St. Brigid’s Guild, providing meals to the homebound, providing information and education on recovery and addiction, as well as other aspects of physical and mental health.

Current Events and Information

Mental Health Seminar

St. Michael’s hosts a number of recovery groups each week, one of which is Recovery International, a self-help, self-will training support group for people with nervous disorders. Recovery International (RI) is offering an educational seminar commemorating October as National Depression Education & Awareness Month on Tuesday, October 29, at 6:30 pm in St. Michael’s Nativity Hall. RI has been conducting weekly meetings at St. Michael’s for more than 47 years. For this event, RI is co-hosting a first-ever joint seminar with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health) to help those who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and forms of depression.


NAMI will be sending two speakers to present their In Our Own Voices program. The speakers will focus on causes and strategies for dealing with depression. Topics will include recovery from a serious mental illness; learning to accept the reality of having a nervous disorder; the many methods for treating illness due to anxiety and depression; and how wellness can be achieved by following a treatment plan and coping skills.

The seminar will last approximately 90 minutes and will be followed by a mutual-aid get-together. Snacks and drinks will be provided. All are welcome at this seminar. For more information, call Rob Winike at 503/810-2789 or check the RI website here.

Honoring our Service Members

If you have a relative in the Armed Forces, please let me know so we may honor them in our display. Send a small photograph and information about where your loved one is stationed, with what unit, for how long, and anything else you’d like us to know. It would be helpful to have your name and relationship as well. Our display presently resides on the east wall of the Nativity Hall. There may be some changes required in the display at present, so let me know about those as well. Please drop off any information at the church office, or contact Lynn Baker at or 503/284-1011.

The Employment Network

This group was developed in early summer 2010 as a response to the ongoing unemployment crisis. For more than three years now,  a group of parishioners and others seeking employment has been meeting every Monday for a brown-bag lunch and time to network, share experiences, and improve skills necessary in obtaining a job in our current employment climate.

Our meetings begin promptly at 12:00 noon. For approximately the first hour, we generally explore various aspects of job-seeking and skills that are most beneficial and necessary in our individual search for employment. The topic for this portion of the gathering will be announced ahead of time, not only at the meetings but also in the Sunday bulletin and in weekly emails for those who would like to receive them. This portion of the meeting is facilitated by two human-resource professionals, Carol Ward and John Pedisich, who are members of the parish. Through August 2013, the discussion will cover interview skills. In September, networking will be discussed, followed by creating job focus. However, the group works with Carol and John to determine what’s best at the time.

The second portion of the meetings will begin with group check-in and will then consider the personal needs of those attending that may have been expressed during that process. This will be a less structured time together, and attendees may stay for all or any part of this discussion as time or interest dictates.

Everyone is invited to attend both parts of our weekly meeting. Regardless of where you are in your journey to employment, there will definitely be something positive for you to take away from our time together!


Pastoral Care Ministries

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors take Holy Communion to homebound or hospitalized parishioners on Sundays immediately following the celebration of the Eucharist. This ministry requires vestry approval, SAFE Training, and a license from the Bishop. Because of the confidential and sacramental nature of this ministry, inquirers must have been active members of the parish for at least a year and undergo an interview with either the deacon or the rector. To learn more about this ministry, click here.

Funeral Receptions

Members of the Funeral Reception team lovingly prepare the Parish Hall for families when there is a funeral at the church. Team members help prepare and arrange the food, coffee and tea, and help with clean up afterward. To learn more about this ministry, click here.

Greeting Cards

Do you enjoy sending greeting cards to people who are ill, recovering from surgery, or homebound? How about to military personnel serving in far away lands? If so, this could be a ministry for you! Cards and postage are provided but you supply the compassion and words of hope.

Home Meal Preparation and Delivery

Can you provide a meal every once in a while to a family in the parish at a difficult time? Meals are delivered to families who have experienced a death or a hospitalization or the arrival of a new baby. To learn more about this ministry, click here.

Pastoral Visitors

These are parishioners who like to visit and enjoy hearing stories about what life was like 30, 40, 50 years ago. We have parishioners who would love to have a once- or twice-a-month visitor from the church. Requires an interview with the rector or deacon, attendance at a diocesan SAFE training, and a commitment to visit for at least six months.

Prayer Chain

Members of the prayer chain commit to praying regularly for the persons for whom prayers have been requested. Because of the confidential nature of this ministry, an orientation is required. To learn more about this ministry, click here.

Prayer Shawls

Members of this ministry use their gifts of prayer and creativity to knit and crochet shawls and baby blankets that carry the loving prayers of the entire worshiping community to those who need them. To learn more about this ministry, click here.

Recovery Ministry

Members of this ministry hope to educate the parish regarding recovery and addiction issues. They bring a caring attitude grounded in the knowledge that addiction and recovery are medical issues, not character flaws or moral faults. To learn more about this ministry, click here.

St. Brigid’s Guild for Healing

Members of the St. Brigid’s Guild commit to faithfully studying and continuing the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. The Guild meets monthly for reflection, study, and prayer, and offers healing prayer in the chapel on the second Sunday of each month. Because of the confidential and sacramental nature