Parish Life

St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church is a place where people at all stages of life come to worship, to seek their way in the world, and to share God-given gifts in service to others. At St. Michael’s, our mission is to foster a safe and hospitable environment where Christian community happens and relationships are nurtured.

The goals for our Parish Life ministries are:

  • Strengthen the work of connecting people into this community by
    • Promoting parish awareness and skills for intentional welcoming,
    • Encouraging the building of supportive relationships within the community,
    • Developing programs to support new members in their early years in our parish, and
    • Giving attention to the coming shifts in population and households;
  • Enhance the experience of fellowship at coffee hours, receptions and suppers; and
  • Develop teaching around the spirituality of Christian life in community.


The staff and people of St. Michael's strive to be genuinely hospitable to each other and to visitors and newcomers throughout the year. Some of the many ways in which we make this happen include: The clergy and the newcomer committee welcome...
Our Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

WE live in love through our Baptismal Promises to welcome and respect the dignity of every human being, care for God’s creation, and engage in the ministry of Jesus to bring light, healing, and grace to our world. WE manifest joy through v...

Staying connected with St. Michael's

There are many ways to stay in touch! The first way is, naturally, to come to church on Sundays. This gives you the opportunity to greet the clergy, a Vestry member or two, and other people you know. You may welcome new folks or be welcomed yourself....