Staying connected with St. Michael’s

There are many ways to stay in touch! The first way is, naturally, to come to church on Sundays. This gives you the opportunity to greet the clergy, a Vestry member or two, and other people you know. You may welcome new folks or be welcomed yourself. The Sunday bulletins contain the liturgy as well as a calendar for the upcoming week and announcements.

Live Stream our Sunday Service
During this time of physical separation, we offer prayers and services in multiple channels and formats, as well as resources for children and adults and all others who come to our website. Links to current online activities are on the home page of this website.
If you have questions or problems with any of our live links or issues with viewing videos, Zoom meetings, or any of our other tech during this social distancing time,
Send us an email by clicking here.  

There are also announcements from the pulpit and educational Forums between the morning services. You can stop by the Welcome Table to check the signup sheets or request a name badge, and you can view bulletin boards full of helpful flyers, posters, brochures and even photographs of recent happenings!

Here are some other ways to stay connected:

The Weekly Messenger

Our weekly email newsletter is sent out every Thursday and contains highlights for the upcoming Sunday, notes from the Rector, links to current stories, and important upcoming events. It also includes links to the Sunday bulletins so that you can check the readings, announcements and Liturgical Ministers Schedule. To sign up, click here.

The Messenger

The Messenger is our newsletter, which is published approximately six times a year and contains articles which explore our mission and ministries in more detail. Most people receive the Messenger electronically, and you can be added to that list by emailing the church office. You can also ask to receive a hard copy, and one will be mailed to your home.

Social Media

Follow us on Facebook, either our official page at (curated by our clergy) or the community page at (anyone can join in!). And be sure to add us to your Instagram feed or join if you haven’t yet – it’s easy, free and fun! Find us at @st.michaelallangels.