A Note from our Curate

Beloved people of St. Michael & All Angels,

I thank you for a meaningful and enlightening curacy. You have been kind and welcoming. In this environment I was able to bring forth the gifts that God has granted me, knowing I would be met with support and wise direction.

I have worked and studied in a number of Episcopal churches over the past few years. All are unique in their gifts. St. Michael’s is not only blessed with a deeply faithful community, but one that is dedicated to living out the Good News in local and global communities. To see God’s will so lovingly, patiently and steadfastly practiced has been an immense Joy. It is also Hope–Hope, envisioned in the soul and mind and then in offered as the heart, hands and feet of Jesus.

The worship services embody this same Hope and Joy. They are beautiful, to the ear, eye and to the soul. I have been carried away in Mystery by the singing of the choir, and the music of the organ, flute and piano. There is a respect between leaders, directors and musical artists that is treasurable. Even I was able to learn to chant with such tender and professional guidance. And oh, how worship was enhanced by the color and textures of seasonal beauty added to worship and hospitality spaces.

I will leave St. Michael’s on June 30. I have been called as Priest-in-Charge to Ascension Episcopal Church, Portland. I will begin on July 14 after a short vacation. Ascension Parish is known to many of you, as St. Michael’s and Ascension share some families and musical talent. There have been past shared musical events, and I intend to continue and strengthen this legacy. This connection helps keep my heart from breaking as I leave St. Michael’s.

When I first came – well, up until the last day if I am truthful, I required support from the office staff. Everyone has been patient and generous with their time. Thank you to the Altar Guild and the ministers at the altar who quietly whispered directions in my ear. This was invaluable.

Lastly, I want to thank the Reverend Scott. It will come as no surprise that he was a wonderful mentor. He demonstrated a respect for my abilities and believed in me even when I was uncertain. He gave me the courage to reach deep into my God-given purpose. He helped me to hear God’s voice in how I was called to share the Word with grace and confidence.

As Rector, Scott+ shows the same excellent leadership. St. Michael’s is blessed by the partnership between you as a vibrant faithful community and the spiritual presence of both Scott+ and Tami.

                              May God smile on you and be gracious to you. — Numbers 6:25-26

Thank you for kindness.

With love,


P.S. Please gather as a community this Sunday, June 30, after the 10:00 am service for a special coffee hour to honor and celebrate SuEllen+.