Ways to help during the pandemic

There are many ways that you can serve others during this time of lay-offs, social-distancing and general concern and anxiety. One of our community partners for many years is the Northeast Emergency Food Program (NEFP), which very much needs volunteers. In order to simultaneously practice safe physical-distancing guidelines (both for volunteers and clients), NEFP has to limit how many people are there on any given day.  In order to coordinate and organize what they need on each day of service, Please check the email from Steven Garcia below.  This has a link to a google sign-up sheet and some other basic information.  NEFP is located at Luther Memorial Lutheran Church (4800 NE 72nd Ave. Portland, OR 97218). To read more about NEFP, a ministry of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO), click here.

Volunteers are able to sign up for a shift on the following google spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RJPFUbNOGsFcO6EsrJ1rQ60kE6NXp7EB-RNw9gcMQi4/edit?usp=sharing Please note that multiple people can sign up for the same time slot on the spreadsheet. 
Our current volunteer roles involve sorting and cataloging donations, packing boxes, cleaning and sanitation, traffic control, hospitality, and distribution. You will find these categories across the columns on the spreadsheet. Volunteers should feel free to sign up under the column and time slot that works best for them. Keep in mind that traffic control and distribution happens only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 
All volunteers should expect a small orientation when arriving for better instruction about operations. We are also requiring all volunteers to wear disposable gloves when entering the building and observing a 6 ft. of social distancing. 
In terms of a mass send out: we could use a google form to ask for people’s availability, and roles they are interested in, and maybe why they are interested in volunteering to gauge level of interest? Let me know what you think. “
Steven Garcia (He/Him/His)
Northeast Emergency Food Program
Pantry Assistant