Transition Updates – August 11 & 18

Update on August 11
On Sunday, July 31, the St. Michael & All Angels Parish Profile was formally handed over to the Search Committee. One of the committee’s first duties will be to formulate the questions they will use to conduct interviews of the applicants. A subcommittee has been set up to do this.

It is up to this subcommittee to make sure the interview questions address all five of the Critical Skills for Our Next Rector chosen by members of the parish and listed on page 16 of the Profile. These skill sets were gathered directly from members of the parish during the Listening Sessions and from the Parish Survey. The successful candidate must:

•             Communicate well

•             Excel in preaching

•             Encourage and develop lay ministries and leadership,

•             Be committed to pastoral care and healing ministries

•             Be good at delegation.

Questions on eight Other Desired Skills, as listed on page 17, will also be included in the interviews. These include:

•             Be committed to vibrant ministry with and spiritual formation for both our Spanish-speaking and English-speaking children and youth.

•             Show interest and commitment to working with and engaging in the life of the Spanish-speaking community.

•             Lead the development of a strong stewardship program.

•             Be passionate about social-justice advocacy.

•             Support and value our music programs.

•             Creatively engage the challenges in our neighborhood.

•             Be intentional in helping us recognize the challenges faced by our many LGBTQIA+ parishioners.

•             Be focused on liturgy, both traditional and innovative.

All applicants will be evaluated based on these rubrics.

Update on August 18

Ann Wetherell is co-chair of the St. Michael’s Search Committee. Ann, who has been a member of St. Michael’s since 1986, sees the St. Michael’s community today as moving into a new place.

“Transformation occurs with the change of rector,” she said recently. She signed up for the search committee because she wanted to help facilitate that transformation.

Ann knows how to ask questions. She used to write questions for student essays.

“How you pose the question determines the response you get,” she observed. She believes it is important that a person has the freedom to express what they want to say. “Don’t predetermine what you want their answer to be,” she adds. “Ask open ended questions.”

Tim Shields is the other co-chair of the committee. He is an experienced project manager. He brings his ability to organize to the job. But he also brings his passion for St. Michael’s.

“St. Michael’s is more than an Episcopal church with red doors,” he said after a recent committee meeting. “It’s my family, a community I love. I really want us to get the best rector we can.”

He volunteered for the Search Committee because he wanted to be part of that process.

“We need to find a rector that fits what the Profile Committee found people wanted,” he said. “That’s our job.”

Helen Crandall is another member of the leadership team. She is the Vestry liaison.

“The Vestry members feel strongly that our role is to be true representatives of parish members,” she said. “I believe the ultimate goal is unity.

“We may serve on different committees,” she continued. ‘But we share the common goal of discerning the will of God in finding St. Michael’s next rector. The closer we work together, the easier it is to be united in our common goal.”

Interviews conducted by Cheryl Braginsky, Communications Team