Transition Update – June 16

The Profile Committee is entering the final weeks of its mission as it prepares to write the final draft, edit it, and design the final version for publication. Next the final version will be submitted to the Vestry for their approval, and then to the Diocese for their approval. After that it will be ready to launch.

In the meantime, here is a brief introduction to some of the folks who have been working so hard to bring this about. This is an accomplished, thoughtful, passionate group of people, and it’s interesting to learn more about their backgrounds and why they chose to serve on the Parish Profile Committee.

Josh English: “Volunteering for the profile committee was my way of reconnecting with the greater community of St. Michael’s. I am a writer, studied graphic design, and came close to becoming a math teacher. I led the design and implementation of the survey.”

Brenda Koenig: “I am Montessori teacher by vocation. My wife Jolene & I have been members of St Michael’s for four years. I participated in a search and call at my previous church & am excited to assist SMAA’s process. The clergy is what brought me to St. Michael’s and the community keeps me here. Along with our amazing committee, I have worked on the recent history of SMAA – 2009 though COVID era as well as the survey results. I feel passionately that our church family stands with the marginalized, those in recovery, and people who are living out the Gospel in our daily lives.”

Sheryl Fullerton: Sheryl is new to St. Michael’s. “I volunteered because I thought serving on the committee would be a good way to get to know people and to contribute to the church. I believe that if you want to be part of a church, you have to do the work. I also felt it would be helpful to have someone on the committee who is new to the church.” Before moving to Portland, Sheryl was a religion and spiritual editor at a publishing company in San Francisco where she worked with writers such as Parker Palmer and Richard Rohr. “I am doing the same kind of work on the Profile Committee that I did during my career.”

Barb Miller: Barb is a longtime member of St. Michael’s who has served on many committees. She is the chair of the Profile Committee., a busy position in which she must wear many hats. As a former elementary school teacher, she is accustomed to having to performing a wide variety of tasks, including keeping order and making sure everyone is on task.

Bob Spiers: “I volunteered to be on the profile committee because I believe we have a compelling story to tell, and I thought my knowledge and experience of St. Michael’s as well as my skills would be a good fit. I also have enough time available when it is needed. My focus has been on parish history and the building and grounds sections. I probably will be helping with the financial section as well.”

Elizabeth Cortes Rivera : Elizabeth brings the stories, concerns and interests of the Misa community. She also contributes the point of view of the young adults of St. Michael’s. Among other things, she was one of the writers for the neighborhood section of the profile. 

Virginia Malone:  “I volunteered because I saw it as a way to serve my church. I was not an Episcopalian in the past, but at St. Michael’s I have found a home. I also wanted to ensure the concerns of my generation would be taken into account.” Virginia managed groups of support people in IT during her career in technology. On the Profile Committee she has been a proofreader and has made observations about information that has been collected. She is now helping to analyze data from the surveys and produce the demographics portion of the profile.