Transition Update – July 28

After the Vestry approved the St. Michael’s Profile last week, it was submitted to the Diocese. The document was first received by the Transition Ministry Manager, otherwise known as the Rev. Chris Craun, who read the Profile and sent it back with a few suggested edits. The edits were made by the Profile Committee, and the document was returned to the Diocese. It will now go to Bishop Diana for final approval.

Once the Bishop approves the Profile, the Diocese will post it as requested by St. Michael’s. It will be disseminated to all of Province Eight as well as to the Episcopal News Service, which will list it nationwide. It will also be posted with the Evangelical Lutheran Church and shared on the St. Michael’s website. At present, the target posting date is August 1.

Initially, all applications go to the Transition Ministry Manager, who verifies that the applicant is in good standing with either the Episcopal or Evangelical Lutheran Church. If all is well, the application will then be forwarded to the St. Michael’s Search Committee. All subsequent decisions will be made by members of the Search Committee and the St. Michael’s Vestry.