Transition Update – July 14

As the Profile Committee prepares to submit the profile to the Vestry, the Search Committee is getting ready to perform their part of the Transition process. As soon as the Profile has been reviewed and approved by the Vestry and the Diocese, it will be posted and the search will begin.

The Search Committee has established a timeline, based on current estimates of when the profile process will be complete. The goal is to have the profile approvals completed by the end of July. If that happens, the profile will be officially posted at the beginning of August and the application process can then begin. At this point, the plan is for applications to be accepted until the early part of October, with the deadline to be extended if deemed necessary at that time.

The Profile will be posted to all of Province Eight of the Episcopal Church, which includes Alaska, Hawaii, the entire west coast and parts of the southwest. It will also be posted on the national church’s Episcopal News Service, which will reach potential applicants nationwide. Because the Episcopal Church is officially in full communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Lutheran ministers may also apply.

Initially, applications will go to the Diocesan office. They will verify that the applicant is in good standing in the Episcopal/Lutheran Church and then send the applications to the Search Committee at St. Michael’s. All subsequent decisions will be made by members of the Search Committee and the vestry as St. Michael’s is fully in charge of the search and decision process.