Transition Update – August 25

The Profile has been posted, and the search for our new rector is underway. As of today, one application has been received. As applications come in, they go through the following process as established by the Search Committee.

Initially, the applications will be received by the Rev. Chris Craun in her role as the Transition Ministry Manager for the Diocese. She will verify that the applicant is in good standing with either the Episcopal Church or the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA). She will then send the application to the Search Committee at St. Michael’s where it will be reviewed by all the committee members.

The application package includes the same basic information as any résumé, such as education, work history and skills, availability, references, etc. But it differs in the narrative questions the applicant must answer. Many of these come from the Office of Transitional Ministries of the Episcopal Church. These ask the applicant to speak to such topics as: their liturgical style and practice; how they engage in pastoral care; how they incorporate others into ministry; what they believe needs to be done to prepare the Church for the future; what their experience has been leading/addressing change in the church.

Other questions concern: stewardship, how to address conflict, ways to be involved in the wider church and community, and more.

The St. Michael’s Search Committee added two questions of their own, one being “What calls you to lead a congregation with a vibrant Spanish-speaking community and how will you engage in the life of la Misa?” The other is “How will you provide vibrant ministry to our LGBTQ+ parishioners and their families?” The application packages will also contain links to videos of sermons given by the applicant.

After a full review and discussion of all the applications received, Zoom interviews will be scheduled. This will occur following the application deadline of October 8. (This deadline could be extended depending on the quantity and quality of applications received.)

Next week’s Transition Corner will describe the second round of the Search Committee’s process.