Transition News

Our rector for the last 12 years, the Rev. Christopher Craun, has left to take a position on the Diocese of Oregon staff. This page will be the place to find updates on the process. From hiring an interim to who will be on the various committees to information on the search itself, you will find updates here. Bookmark it to make it quick to get to.

Transition Update – August 4

The Profile has been approved by Bishop Diana and has been posteThis week, the St. Michael’s Profile has been posted in a variety of locations that list job openings in Episcopal churches. In particular, it will appear in the Episcopal Public Policy Network newsletter, which goes to Episcopal churches nationwide.

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Transition Update – July 28

The Vestry approved the St. Michael’s Profile and it was submitted to the diocesan Transition Ministry Manager, the Rev. Chris Craun. Following the updates of a few suggested edits, document was returned to the Diocese and was approved by Bishop Akiyama.

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Transition Update – July 14

As the Profile Committee prepares to submit the profile to the Vestry, the Search Committee is getting ready to perform their part of the Transition process. As soon as the Profile has been reviewed and approved by the Vestry and the Diocese, it will be posted and the search will begin.

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Transition Update – June 16

The Profile Committee is entering the final weeks of its mission as it prepares to write the final draft, edit it, and design the final version for publication. Next the final version will be submitted to the Vestry for their approval, and then to the Diocese for their approval. After that it will be ready to launch.
In the meantime, here is a brief introduction to some of the folks who have been working so hard to bring this about. This is an accomplished, thoughtful, passionate group of people, and it’s interesting to learn more about their backgrounds and why they chose to serve on the Parish Profile Committee.

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Transition Update – June 9

The survey of the congregation has been completed and is now in the hands of the Profile Committee. The committee received 164 survey responses which, according to Chairperson Barb Miller, is about the same number they received last time. When added to the 158 members of the congregation who attended Listening Sessions and others who wrote comments on the bulletin board, the Profile Committee has a good amount of information to inform their work.

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