The Rector’s Space

I want to thank all of the people of St. Michael & All Angels for your very warm welcome this past Sunday. It was a day infused with joy, gratitude and hope as we marked the beginning of our journey together as parish and rector.

I know that we will continue to get to know one another in the coming days and weeks (I’m especially looking forward to our series of meet-ups!), but for now please know that I am grateful to you all for coming into this new season with open hearts.

This Sunday we’ll celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. This is the day when the church recalls the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples after Jesus’ ascension, the bridging of language barriers to make gospel goodness known to all, and the beginning of this growing movement of faithful people sent into the world to engage the ministry of reconciliation and forgiveness to which we have been called.

I hope you’ll be present and come open to the fire of the Spirit igniting a fresh flame of love for one another and for our neighbors.

(Don’t forget to wear your colors of fire – especially red, yellow and orange!)

In peace,