The Month of February is Black History Month in this Country.

Originally focused on highlighting culture and contributions to society by members of the African diaspora, the emphasis has taken on new urgency and importance in recent years. As culture warriors and politicians attempt to erase histories that are unfavorable to dominant (white) narratives, and roll back diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives throughout society, it is important to educate ourselves beyond the myriad contributions of Black folk.

The Season of Lent invites us to repentance (Jesus: “to change your hearts and lives”); and that call, I believe, includes taking stock of the harmful systems in which we find ourselves complicit, and that continue to perpetuate injustice and inequity in our world.

Gratefully, St. Michael’s Reckoning with Racism cohort will offer a special reading in our 9:00 and 11:00 liturgies this Sunday. These faithful friends will share from the portion of St. Michael’s land story that pertains directly to the history and experience of Black people in the founding, growth and development of the City of Portland.

We pray that this sharing may lead to a greater understanding, which may lead us deeper into the all of Lent: to repent, to work for change in ourselves and in our world.

With you,


The Rev. R. Scott Painter, Rector