Revolutionary Love

Dear Ones,

This week, I began our book group, reading Valarie Kaur’s See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love. My hope is that, regardless of whether or not you are able to read the book, it can help us have conversations and begin to think about what is next for our community and for our country during this time of transition. Kaur has been speaking in various forums and describes that we are trying to birth a new nation – one that has never been realized. She shares stories of being Sikh post-9/11 and uses the pillars of her faith to equip us to engage in the world in full-hearted ways.

So, I invite you to reflect on some of the questions she asked at the end of Part I of her book. What is your sword? What can you use to fight on behalf of others? Is it your presence, your pocketbook, your voice, your organizing skills? What is your shield? What can you use to protect yourself and others – your camera, legal counsel, allies, public witness? What is your instrument? What centers you – singing, dancing, drumming, walking, yoga, prayer, meditation? And finally, who is your sacred community? Who sees the best in you, is willing to fight by your side, can fight for you? This is what she calls your pocket of revolutionary love.

I appreciate that Valarie Kaur reminds us that we are in transition. We have a role. And we’ve got to do it with love. I am grateful to be doing it with you.

Chris Craun+