Remind us of our own souls

Dear ones,

This is a prayer that gave me support this past week. It’s by Nadia Bolz-Weber.

God of many names,

We don’t know how to feel less tired.

We don’t know how to vanquish our own fears.

We don’t know how to live through a global pandemic and anti-black violence and wildfires and hurricanes.

We don’t know how to sustain the effort it takes to not completely freak out, and the effort it takes to keep from freaking out is one of the things that is making us so tired.

So we need some reminders right now, Lord.

Remind us that for every tragedy that’s “newsworthy” there are a million kindnesses, and countless acts of love that go unreported.

But more than anything, remind us of our own souls. Remind us that there is an essential, holy, un-hurtable part of ourselves that never tires, that does not know fear, that is un-affected by other people, that cannot be irritated, that has nothing to achieve.

If taking a few deep breaths reminds us of our truest center, then nudge us to breathe. If laughing reminds us of what is most true, then nudge our friends to send funny texts. If eating a vegetable now and then reminds us that our bodies need us, then give us the will to make a salad.


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