Our Services

7:30 am – Rite I: No congregational singing but often an organ prelude
9:00 am – Rite II: Watch the live stream here.
11:00 am – Rite II: Watch the live stream here.
1:00 pm – Misa service en español: Véalo en nuestro sitio web
All services available on YouTube and Facebook
Masks are optional inside St. Michael’s.

The Rector's Space

From Mary Meyers. Our lives are intricately interwoven. Each person, who they are and what they bring to our life together is an integral part of the design we are weaving. Diversity enhances the intensity and beauty, the wonder and awe in what we are able to weave together. Let us come together, welcoming one another, listening deeply to one another, encouraging and challenging one another and blessing one another that we might fully live into the call upon our lives, individually and communally.

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Cake Auction Update from the Treasurer

I continue to be humbled by the generosity of St. Michael’s parishionersI In the past two months, you have contributed hugely to Sherman’s going-away purse, and you have responded with gifts surpassing our target for Rev. Painter’s moving costs. Truly amazing!

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A Note From the Choir Director

It’s Easter-tide! A time of rebirth, regrowth, regeneration, and We’ll retell the story of the ascension of Christ into heaven, and we’ll celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

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St. Michael’s Cake Auction

Cakes, pies and cookies, oh my! All are encouraged to attend the 2023 revival of the traditional St. Michael’s Cake Auction on Sunday, May 7, at 10:15 am in the Nativity Hall. The MOW/WOWs and Team L.I.F.E. are hosting the auction, featuring amazing and varied items from some of our best bakers.

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