Beware the scams!

From time to time many parishioners have received emails that they think come from our rector. These emails use her name and use various ploys and appeals to get you to respond by email. If you do respond, invariably they want you to send money (or now, sometimes Bitcoin), or they are trying to get some private information from you. Please look carefully at these emails and the email address from which they come. Our rector only has two email addresses, one from the church domain and one from Gmail and both use her name in some way. Anything else is a scam, Chris would not contact parishioners in this way. Please do not respond and if you have any doubts at all, send an email to one of her known email addresses or give her a call.

Thanks, and stay safe in all things.

Lenten Reflections with Chris+

This Lent, Rector Chris Craun will be using 40-Day Journey with Howard Thurman as a daily practice of reflection, prayer and writing. If you would like to join her, please order the book or reserve one with the office as a few have been purchased. She will be offering space for mutual sharing and conversation on Wednesdays at noon, starting February 24, throughout the season. Please email her if you would like to receive the Zoom link.

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Opportunities for an Uplifting Lent

“Uplifting” may not be the first thing you associate with Lent, but we hope it will be by the time Easter comes around this year. We’ve all suffered enough over the past year, but Lent was never about suffering more, anyway. Lent is a time for us to focus as much of our attention as one community as possible on who God is lifting us up to be, right here, right now. There are a range of ways you can help Lift Up Lent this year at St. Michael’s.

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A Shining Moment

One of the shining moments of the inauguration of President Biden that I want to continue to reflect and pray about was Amanda Gorman, the nation’s first-ever youth poet laureate, reading her poem

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