This week at St. Michael’s

Did you enjoy the music video of David Hurd’s Vidi aquam (I saw water) as our choral anthem on Sunday, January 10? Watch it again here. Music Director Hannah Brewer edits these thematic videos together using iMovie and free images from Google. 

Did you know that we have much more music to share on our YouTube channel, STMAA Connection? We have playlists such as all our virtual choir projects thus far, instrumental and vocal solos from summer 2020, a variety of keyboard solos played by Hannah and much more!

The Union of Black Episcopalians is urging us to participate in the campaign, From Many, One, to promote a new spiritual framework for Episcopalians to engage in tough conversations with family, friends and neighbors, bridging the intense divisions that threaten to tear apart communities in the United States and beyond.

Starting January 18, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Episcopalians will be encouraged to invite others to join them in “conversations across difference,” guided by four questions: Who do you love? What have you lost? Where does it hurt? And what do you dream?

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Immigrant Justice Workshop

The Episcopal Church is clear that our mission is to offer a sacred welcome to immigrants and refugees and to work toward immigrant justice. But just how do we do this? What are we called to do as Episcopalians and members of St Michael’s?

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Advocacy Action News

Oregon’s statewide eviction and foreclosure moratorium has been one of the most successful remedies for communities bearing the brunt of the pandemic, according to a recent op-ed printed in The Oregonian. It was written by leaders of the Oregon Food Bank, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO) and the Oregon Law Center.

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Put on your Advent blues

Advent held out as a promise that perhaps things would be different, and it was hard to put on our Advent blues and enter into the empty sanctuary for another season.

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