Outreach & Justice Donations

The Outreach & Justice Council has met online every month since the COVID-19 outbreak began and have divided the funds allotted to them from the Operating Fund between the many areas of need as follows so far:

COVID-19 Relief
• Oregon Food Bank (for its increase in needing food)
• Baby and Mother (for those not able to work and there- fore afford supplies for their
• Operation Nighthawk (for an increase of folks out of work and on the street)
• Diocese of Navajoland (for the huge COVID hit these folks are taking)
• Oregon Workers Relief Fund (for those out of work due to closure of businesses)
• Bridge Meadows (for school supplies to help parents teach at home)

Black Lives Matter
• Don’t Shoot PDX (Black-led human rights non-profit)
• Self-Enhancement Inc. (giving education and social services to underserved youth and

Natural Disasters
• Red Cross (to help with Oregonians needing help from fire damages)
• Rogue Valley Relief Site (targeting Phoenix and Talent, specifically)
• ERD (for hurricane relief)

Many of these organizations send thoughtful thank-you letters to St. Michael’s acknowledging the gifts. You can read three of the most recently received here. The council sends its prayers along with those parish funds and are grateful for the opportunity to pass on what it can from you, St. Michael’s generous parishioners.