Opportunities for an Uplifting Lent

“Uplifting” may not be the first thing you associate with Lent, but we hope it will be by the time Easter comes around this year. We’ve all suffered enough over the past year, but Lent was never about suffering more, anyway. Lent is a time for us to focus as much of our attention as one community as possible on who God is lifting us up to be, right here, right now. There are a range of ways you can help Lift Up Lent this year at St. Michael’s. Associate Rector James Joiner’s Tuesday evening class will guide participants in crafting scrapbooks of prayers and inspirational readings to serve as an adaptable resource for prayer lives in the midst of busy or erratic lives. Rector Chris Craun will be leading our Wednesday book group through 40 Day Journey with Howard Thurman. Our Zoom groups will begin a new cycle of sharing, bible study and prayer. And Chris and James will both be making time for one-on-one walks around the neighborhood with anyone who wishes. One way to think of this time is as a mini-catechumenate, with the Tuesday evening and Wednesday noon options serving as their own kinds of Bread for the Journey, and the small groups on Zoom offering time for deeper connection with others. All this plus our usual schedule of Daily Devotions on Facebook Live! You can find more information about all of these offerings and sign up for the ones you wish to receive more info about here.