Music Update

Choir is back! We welcome the new choir season with the full St. Michael’s Singers at the 10:00 am service this Sunday. The service will be slightly different than usual as we feature Recovery Sunday, and we also change our service music from its summertime flavor to some classic Rutter and Schubert settings. For the anthem, the choir will sing an arrangement of Wondrous Love by Alice Parker and Robert Shaw, sung here during the height of the pandemic by our choir staff singers.

If you or your child is interested in joining a choir, please reach out to your music staff, Hannah or Brian. We have exciting plans ahead, including a Choral Evensong this fall. Do you love to sing? Great! Do you read music? Even better! Are you unsure if your voice is “good enough” for choir? Don’t worry! Choir is about bringing our voices together, not singing solos. We welcome any interested singers!