Music for Sunday, March 17

Sunday’s music delves into the classic Lenten theme of inward-looking poignancy. The choir will sing two anthems exploring the anticipation of life after death, William L. Dawson’s popular arrangement of the African-American Spiritual Soon ah will be done and John Rutter’s God be in my head. The organ postlude is a fanfare arrangement of the hymn My faith looks up to thee (sung at the 11:00 am service), and we’ll also sing the triumphant hymn Lift high the cross, all thematically linked to Sunday’s biblical readings.

Join us for one final service of Holden Evening Prayer on Wednesday, March 20, at 6:15 pm in the chancel. We’ve enjoyed gathering to sing and pray together (and eat before the service at 5:30 pm) this Lenten season. All are most welcome to light a candle and “Let [our] prayers rise up like incense” as we bathe in the sounds and smells of this beloved service.