Leadership & Pastoral Care at St. Michael’s

During this time of transition, we are very fortunate to have the Rev. Karen Tiegs serving on Sundays as presider and preacher. Associate Rector, the Rev. Beto Arciniega, is assisting at the morning services and continuing to preside and preach at the 1:00 pm Misa en español. The St. Michael’s Vestry and staff, aided by some very capable volunteers, have taken steps to be sure the parish’s needs are covered. Stephanie English is continuing to serve as the People’s Warden and Cliff Fairley as Junior Warden, and Rick Parker is filling the role of Senior Warden. Any of these leaders will do their best to answer your questions. Rick is holding office hours at St. Michael’s, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. You can reach him by email. Please check back next week for more information regarding the transition and parish-profile and search committees.

For pastoral care, The Rev. Beto Arciniega is our go-to clergy for emergencies. He can be reached by text or call at 503/310-6006. He may also reach out to other clergy, depending on the need. The Rev. Marla McGarry-Lawrence, Deacon, will be available to arrange meetings with our Eucharistic Visitors. For prayers, please plan ahead and send those concerns to our office administrator during the week (Monday-Thursday). You can let her know if you would like those prayers mentioned aloud during the services, listed in the eblast and/or sent to the prayer chain, which is confidential.