From the Rector – Feast of the Ascension

Thursday is the Feast of the Ascension in the liturgical year. On this day the church remembers an important truth of our story: after death and after resurrection, life goes on–forever changed. As described in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus’ ascension into heaven is a moment of profound wonder. Having fulfilled his earthly mission of solidarity with the created world, he returns to the realm of the Divine–to the eternally perfect love and life of the Triune God.

The Ascension takes a central place in Christian theology, highlighting the transformative power of resurrection and the promise of abundant and lasting life for all. The celebration of Ascension can be a source of hope for us: a reminder that while our own journeys of faith are not static and linear; God will never turn away from us, even in times of loneliness or perplexity.

As Jesus transforms the lives of those he encounters, his departure signals a shift in their understanding of the message. The disciples are now tasked with continuing his work, spreading the teachings of love, and working to bring God’s dream true in the world.

On this first occasion to write you as St. Michael’s’ new rector, I am mindful of the faithful resilience this parish has embraced during a lengthy and difficult time of transition. I am honored and overjoyed to begin this new season with you, trusting the Holy Spirit to inspire, empower and lead us into God’s future for our parish.

In this time between Ascension and the Feast of Pentecost, I pray we may consider how God has walked with the people of St. Michael and All Angels through a time of uncertainty. God has been faithful, and God is with us now as we walk together. 

In peace,