Deep Vulnerability

Dear Ones,

There was a moment this past Sunday when the building up of our practice of vulnerability was truly tested. At the 11:00am service, Rev. Alison Schultz, my friend and guest preacher, taught us a song that we sing TO someone, while looking into their EYES. I think she even said, “deeply into their eyes.” I didn’t know whether to step in and say, “Nope! We don’t do that here!” But instead I just watched, witnessed, and even participated (if maybe a little tentatively). 

We are capable of deep vulnerability. It is possible that we grow in our awareness of being beloved when we allow someone, particularly a stranger, to sing to us. It is possible that even at the edge of our level of comfort, we learn that we can go deeper. Lean into the awkwardness, the eye contact, the light of Christ in each other. 

Peace, Chris