Dedication & Blessing of the Columbarium Addition

On Sunday, September 24, as we celebrate the Feast of St. Michael & All Angels, we will formally dedicate the new addition to the Columbarium on this, the 100th anniversary of the nave. The vestry approved the Columbarium expansion in March of 2022, and a team  was formed soon thereafter. The Columbarium Team is Michael Sagun, Jane Peters, Jennie Street, Jim Robbins and John Scannell, Convenor. Adjuncts are Bob Spiers, History; Carl Braginsky, Properties; Dennis Thompson, Architect; and Brion Kimmel, Craftsman; and many others who contributed their expertise and wisdom.

The dedication and blessing in the Columbarium will take place towards the end of the 9:00 am service with the team and the vestry. After the service, the congregation is encouraged to exit through side door into the Columbarium to appreciate the artwork and the remodeled space, including new flooring and niches. Just a few finishing touches remain to be completed.

The following are descriptions of the art pieces in the Columbarium Room and their origins. 

  • The Christus Rex (“Christ the King”) was first installed on the chancel east wall in the remodel of the early 1970s and ultimately found its way to adorn the columbarium in the mid-1990s.
  • The Icon – Rublev’s Holy Trinity based on Genesis 18 is a gift to St. Michael’s from the Columbarium Team.
  • The bronze sculpture of The Last Supper is Mexican.
  • The large bronze candle-holders were made in Spain.
  • The wood statue of St. Michael on the lintel, overlooking the room, was purchased in a street market in Havana in 2000.