Creation Care Series

“This fragile earth, our island home” will be the focus of a series of discussions sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin from 6:30 pm to 8 pm on four consecutive Wednesdays in September, beginning September 7.

The first session on Sept. 7, will include a keynote address by Climate Scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. The discussion will include her suggestions for what churches can do to reduce their carbon footprint as well as resource suggestions from the Creation Care Commission.

The following Wednesday, Sept. 14, “Don’t Poison the Well”, will discuss what goes into water before it goes down the drain and into our ground water, as well as how to create chemical-free homes. On Sept. 21 “Plastic pollution is worse than you think” the focus will be on plastic pollution, especially the single-use plastic problem and the fact that recycling does little to reduce plastic pollution. The final discussion on Sept. 28, “Cover the Ground” and “Talking about Climate Change” will look at how mulches and compost create healthy soil, and how to replace water-soaked lawns in ways that are beautiful and still keep the ground covered.

Click on this link to access these free zoom webinars. Click here for more information about the series.