Connecting Through Cards

As we navigate the tumultuous and uncertain times we are in, we are using a lot of technology to connect in virtual services and meetings. This is helping somewhat to keep us connected to the St. Michael’s community. A couple of us wonder if there might be interest in something a bit more old-fashioned, such as handwritten, handmade greeting cards. Sending and receiving handmade beautiful cards might brighten someone’s day. You could become a pen pal with your grandkids or reconnect with old friends, or just send the family birthday cards. We see our ideas potentially unfolding in two ways:

1. Within the congregation, are there folks who might welcome receiving a card? A small group could identify those in the congregation that might appreciate this personal touch and send cards.

2. Would you or someone you know appreciate having a set of handmade cards that you can send to family and friends far away that we can’t visit right now? Maybe it is difficult to get to a store to buy cards, or maybe there is no money for such a luxury.

If you are interested in forming a small group to participate in writing and sending cards or if you know someone or someplace that might like to have greeting cards on hand to use, please contact Paula or Pamela.