Community Meal Ministry

For close to 30 years leading up to the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, St. Michael’s hosted twice-monthly community meals open to all. These meals were prepared and served by church volunteers and supported financially by the church budget and by individual donations. In March 2020, following federal and state guidelines for safety shuttered many commercial businesses and churches, including St. Michael’s. However, hunger and food insecurity were not shuttered.

By the fall of 2021, Covid safety guidelines had eased somewhat. To increase food access in the Hollywood community, St. Michael’s began a last Saturday meal served outdoors called Burrito Love. The burritos were, and continue to be, commercially prepared by Super Torta on SE Woodstock, a Mexican-cuisine restaurant owned by parishioners and served by volunteers from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. Following personal protection guidelines, sacks are filled with a burrito, fresh fruit, home-baked cookies and bottled water.

In 2022, It’s in the Bag was initiated by other parishioners who saw more food need in the community. At first, these sack lunches were served every Tuesday and Thursday. The lunches included homemade sandwiches, fruit and cookies. After several months, this ministry was scaled back to Thursdays only, and donated clothing to be given to neighbors in need became available on two Thursdays a month.

Donations to these community meals can be made through the donate button on the home page of this website. To learn more or to volunteer at either of these community meals, please contact the church office to be connected with someone who can help you.