Columbarium Expansion

Work has begun on the Columbarium Expansion Project. A parishioner-led team has been working on this project since April. The St. Michael’s Columbarium contains niches for the cremated remains of St. Michael’s parishioners and/or their family members who have died, and also for those who wish to reserve a spot for themselves or loved ones in the future.

This project involves preparing the space for two new units for the Columbarium Room by creating a new entrance to the Sacristy along the chancel wall side. The current entrance will be closed off so that one of the new units can be sited there. Look for signs with words and drawings in the area further showing the changes.

As of January 23, the Columbarium carpet has been removed, and a new doorway into the Sacristy framed out. Further adjustments in traffic flow will be made clearer to service participants and parishioners in the coming weeks. There will also be some changes in the Sacristy which will make it both more useful and more attractive.