A note from the rector

Dear Ones,

The third Invitation in the book I have been reading with many of you, The Five Invitations, is to “bring your whole self to the experience.” I can’t say that I have enjoyed all the parts of myself that are arising during this experience; but I can say that the growth, the grace, and the bridges of empathy that are being built every day are making me accept the wholeness of being in a new way. 

As we enter into a Holy Week that will be different than anything else we have experienced, I would like to encourage us to all bring our whole self. I was recently told by a friend that ‘the gift is in the mud.’ Referring to the mud that Jesus creates out of dirt and spit to heal the blind man – the gift is in the mud. That phrase is what I am holding on to as we embark on this journey together. Thank you for your continued love and cheering on. We miss you and dream of the day of our community back together. 


Chris +