Celebrating 25 years of the Misa

Confirmations at the Bishop’s Visit, June 2019

The 1:00 pm Spanish-language Misa, or Mass with Eucharist, began at St. Michael’s 25 years ago, originally organized and supported by Fr. John Scannell and Deacon Marla McGarry-Lawrence. In the ensuing years, a strong community has developed and is now flourishing with Padre Beto Arciniega at the helm. He is assisted by strong lay leaders, some of whom are original members.

Kermesse, or carnival, to support St. Michael’s in July 2018

The community now has its own choir (Coro), a weekly prayer group, fundraisers throughout the year to benefit St. Michael’s, and annual celebrations which include Día de los Muertos, Las Posadas, Día de los Niños, el domingo de Oscar Romero and Nuestra Virgin de Guadalupe. Also celebrated during the year are many bautismos (baptisms), XV Años (for 15-year-old girls), confirmaciónes (confirmations) and bodas (weddings), as well as memorial Misas for loved ones who have died. The community gathers

most Sundays after the Misa for a convivio, a meal prepared and served by parishioners on a rotating schedule.

The St. Michael’s community is invited to learn more about this diverse group of parishioners and help them celebrate. The week kicked off with a Forum at 10:10 am on Sunday, September 15, with presentations from several groups, including Los Promotores de Salud (Health Promoters), Salvadoreños Unidos en Oregon, the Misa Coro (Choir) and IWC.

On Tuesday, September 17, at 6:00 pm, the community will offer an evening of music from several countries and a meal including tamales and horchata.

Finally, on Sunday, September 22, following the 1:00 Misa with Eucharist, all are welcome to come to the courtyard and spend time with each other and enjoy dishes that represent many countries (or states in Mexico) in Latin America.