Cake Auction Update from the Treasurer

I continue to be humbled by the generosity of St. Michael’s parishioners. In the past two months, you have contributed hugely to Sherman’s going-away purse, and you have responded with gifts surpassing our target for Rev. Painter’s moving costs.

Truly amazing!! Thank you very much.

Sunday’s cake auction was an example of St. Michael’s folks in action. We got together to auction and sell baked goods. We laughed and cheered each other on. We had fun, and we joyfully raised the needed funds. It felt good, really good – that feeling of being together and working together to accomplish something we all wanted to happen. (Check out the photos on the Parish Life board in the Gallery.)

We have some funding challenges remaining, and those of us who work most closely with the finances probably seem kind of gloomy sometimes. But the generosity we have experienced in the last two months should buoy us and dispel any gloominess that may try to sneak its way in.

— Dave Reilly, Treasurer of the Vestry