Burrito Love

Since September 2020, on the last Saturday of each month, Burrito Love has been on a mission to provide a nutritional sack lunch to our community neighbors. As you walk in the neighborhood, you may notice Burrito Love flyers posted for the event on telephone poles. Included with each sack are cookies and a chilled bottle of water. The Super Torta restaurant on Woodstock provides the burritos at a significantly reduced cost.

In addition to handing our neighbors a bag, we offer a welcoming smile and do a brief check-in with each one. Many of those showing up for this lunch are repeat guests and are always thankful for this outreach, responding to us with “God bless you.” We occasionally are given donations by passersby appreciative of St. Michael’s outreach while on their way to the Saturday Market. These collected donations are labeled and passed along to the bookkeeper. There are a few expenses with delivering this meal, and a donation can be made on the stmaa.org website. Once on the donation page, click “other” and note that your contribution is for Burrito Love.