Bathroom Remodel Complete!

Most of you are aware that the women’s bathroom downstairs has been in the process of remodel for several months. It’s been quietly used for the past few weeks, but it’s now officially completed – and it’s beautiful! We are very grateful first of all to Jan P., who donated ample funds for the project in memory of Mickey Harnage. Sheri O. also donated the profits from the Red Door Artisan Fair (around $1,000) to the bathroom fund. Some aspects of the project were completed by professionals, including parishioner and contractor Bill Raglioni, who sourced and installed the new partitions and doors for us.

The rest of the project was completed by volunteers. We are very grateful to Amy V., who served as general contractor, and to Cliff F. and Steve F. for their construction expertise. Lynda G. assisted with the design aspects of the bathroom. (We’re still waiting for some art to be delivered.) All of these parishioners donated many, many hours to the project; and the result is a bathroom which is very attractive and welcoming in addition to functional.