Angel Groups Adopt a Nursing Home

A few folks from the St. Michael’s Angel Groups have decided to “adopt” Creekside Rehab & Nursing Home, a 40-bed nursing home located at SE 49th & Belmont. They are taking this action to support the staff who are working tirelessly to keep the residents healthy and safe during this pandemic. Since the residents are quarantined, the staff has additional responsibility to provide social and emotional support to each of the people for whom they provide care.

Last week, a couple of folks brought masks made by several Angels, posters, flowers and goodie bags for the nursing staff to celebrate National Nursing Week. Staff members have expressed their deep appreciation that we know they are there and working so hard to care for these residents and themselves in this challenging time.

There will be another visit this week, probably Wednesday or Thursday, May 13 or 14, to bring more masks and cheer the staff at their 2:00 pm shift change. The organizers welcome assistance and donations with this project from any Angels. If you’re interested, please contact Janet here or by text (check your directory). Thank you for your help with this.