Advocacy Action on Sunday

Join the Advocacy Action Committee between services in the Gallery this Sunday, May 12. We will have a letter for you to sign to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission asking them to reconsider their decision to allow the construction of two giant storage tanks, known as the Goldendale Pumped Storage Development, on Yakama Nation land.

While we support a transition to clean, renewable sources of energy during these days when climate change is devastating so many regions of our world, this process is inconsistent with U.S. federal government policy. The U.S. federal government has an obligation to uphold Tribal sovereignty and self-determination, honoring its treaty obligations to Tribal Nations.

This project would destroy sacred land, medicines, and traditions of the Confederated Tribes of the Yakama Nation among others. The Goldendale development is not clean energy if it harms Tribal cultural resources. Nor does it promote environmental justice.

In our letter we urge the Commission to uphold Tribal sovereignty through the denial of the final permit for the Goldendale Pumped Storage Development. When Tribal rights are disregarded, it exemplifies the kind of racism that has plagued our relationship with indigenous peoples since the beginning of our shared history.

In denying other pumped storage developments on Tribal lands, FERC has stated, “The Commission recognizes the unique relationship between the United States and Indian Tribes and is committed to assuring that Tribal concerns and interests are considered whenever the Commission’s actions or decisions have the potential to adversely affect Indian Tribes.” In our letter we urge the Commission to heed its own words.