Advocacy Action on May 15

The Advocacy Action Committee will gather signatures on a pair of gun control petitions this Sunday, May 15, from 10:00 until 10:50 am in the Gallery. The petitions would place IP17 (safer owners and less lethal ammunition) and IP 18 (stops proliferation of assault weapons), on the November ballot.

IP17 would require permits for all prospective firearm purchases that would include:

  • complete safety training (classroom and live-fire), 
  • passing a background check – no gun sale until check is completed. Current law says that if a check takes more than 3 days it isn’t required,
  • improved database tracking of guns that are lost, stolen or used to commit crimes.

IP17 would also ban future sale, possession and transfer of large capacity magazines over 10 rounds.

IP18 – Stops proliferation of assault weapons – prohibits future manufacture, import, purchase, transfer, possession, and use of semiautomatic assault firearms with limited exceptions. This includes semiautomatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns with specific features that are intended to make them more lethal, as well as homemade and 3-D printed so called undetectable “ghost guns.” The limited exceptions include duty-only use by military and law enforcement.

States without laws limiting assault weapons have significantly more high-fatality mass shootings and significantly higher death rates from such incidents. Gun policy experts have rated a ban on assault weapons (and large-capacity magazines) as one of the most effective measures to reduce deaths. Click here for more information.