A Note from the Senior Warden

Dear Friends,

As a teacher for 40 years, my life’s rhythm has been that of the school year.

The end of any school year was always bittersweet. My students and I had worked hard for months. As I said goodbye and wished them a happy, safe summer, I prayed I had given my students all they needed. I hoped they retained the skills and concepts we had worked so hard to achieve.

I cherished getting to know them as unique individuals.

I also looked forward to a change of routine, spending more time with my own children, swimming lessons, gardening, day trips and weekends at the Oregon coast.

The long days of summer continue to refresh my body and soul.

We have worked hard this year to find a new rector, someone who suits our unique needs, goals, and aspirations. I believe we found just that person in the Rev. R. Scott Painter. In a few weeks, Scott and Tami will settle into their new Portland home and enjoy summer in Oregon.

As the pace of life at St. Michael/ San Miguel slows a bit, let us reflect on this incredibly busy year. Let us celebrate our successes and learn from our missteps. Let us find joy in the special moments that only an Oregon summer can bring. Let us refresh our bodies and souls so that when September arrives, we are energized to continue the work to which God is calling us.


Helen Crandell, Sr. Warden