A Note from the Interim Rector

One thing I learned writing a grant for the Lake Oswego Public Library for an Everybody Reads program: one hour of a volunteer’s time was valued at $17.65 – in 2007! Given the hundreds of volunteer hours donated by the St Michael’s community—including but not limited to choir members, bathroom remodelers, Vestry and Search/Profile Committee members, Wednesday volunteers, liturgical ministers, community meals—we are able to accomplish far more than what our budget alone can support.

With a new Rector arriving in 2023, we need to provide a solid financial footing to launch our next chapter. Treasurer Daryl Cole has an update on our financial health and an outlook for 2023.

2022 End of Year Finances

First, thank you to everyone who has already completed their pledge for 2022! At the end of November, our total income stands at 98% of our year-to-date budgeted amount. This is great news as we head into the home stretch of the current year. We are so grateful for everyone fulfilling their pledges. Your commitment will help us achieve a healthy finish for 2022.

All money received IN THE OFFICE that can be counted by January 9 is eligible to be credited towards your 2022 pledge. Checks for 2022 giving should be dated December 31, 2022, or earlier.

Looking ahead, our dedicated Search Committee is preparing to hand off the top Rector candidates to the Vestry for the final step of the search process. Team LIFE has presented both opportunity and inspiration for the future with our new Rector. Our pledges will provide our Rector the means to assist us as we live out our vision for mission and ministry and grow into the future. 2023 budget development is underway, and your stewardship discernment is a vital piece of that process.

2023 Stewardship Pledges

The total pledged amount for the current year is $578,000, and we are using that as a goal for 2023 as well. As of today, we have $387,085 in pledged income for 2023. About 60% of our pledging households have made a commitment, and we are about two-thirds of the way to $578,000. Your generous gifts to the life of this community are the lifeblood of our ministries.

Dave Reilly will be taking over from Daryl Cole as Treasurer in the new year, and they want to provide an update for the vestry at the December 15th meeting. In the past, vestry members have reached out to those we have not yet heard from. If you are able and intending to make a pledge for 2023, it would be a boon to the Budget Committee if you could let us know by December 11th.

We are profoundly grateful to Daryl Cole, Dave Reilly, Jackie Van Anda and Team LIFE for all their work behind the scenes to crunch the numbers and help us focus our attention on our financial stewardship. In addition to the time and talent of our volunteers, money is one of the ways God gets things done, and we can all share in proportion to what we have been given.

As Jesus reminds us, it is more blessed to give than to receive. May blessings abound!

Fr. Sherman