A note for Easter 3

Dear ones,

Kerry Allman from the Diocese of Olympia shared this quote from the Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston:

“Now is the time for which our faith has prepared us. Now is the moment when all that we believe can be put to work. Now we can turn to the inner resources we have been developing over these many years to face the challenge of a world in desperate need. We are not afraid of this crisis for we have been made ready for it. We have devoted our lives to the belief that something greater than fear or disease guides human history. We have studied, prayed and grown in the Spirit. 

“Now we come to the call to use what we believe. Our people need hope, confidence, courage and compassion: the very things for which we have been trained. We are the calm in the midst of a storm. Stand your ground and let your light so shine that others may see it and find their faith as well.”

Christopher Craun +

P.S. All are invited today to my Self-Care Dance Party at 3:00 pm! Click here for the Zoom meeting and wait to be let in.