A Message from Team L.I.F.E.

2 Chronicles 31:5
As soon as the word spread, the people of Israel gave in abundance the first fruits of grain, wine, oil, honey, and of all the produce of the field; and they brought in abundantly the tithe of everything.

How do you show what is important to you? They say that you can tell what is truly essential in a person’s life by two things: what is on their calendar, and what is in their budget. Stewardship of what is most important to us, where we give our time, talent, and treasure is more than a habit. It’s evidence of our values. What we care for, we give our attention. And what we give our attention to grows. 

In this time of transition in the life of St. Michael’s, many of you are giving deeply of your labor, your influence, your finances, and your expertise because you are rooted in this community. It has nourished you. And because of your generosity, it has branched out to nourish others. What gifts you are giving this community spreads beyond our walls into our neighborhood, nation, and world. 

The people of Israel gave their first fruits back to God because they had faith that God’s goodness would continue to show itself to them in new and spectacular ways if they gave to God first. If they showed evidence of their trust. If they looked not to themselves and their own comfort before being generous to the structures that supported their community’s heart, spirit, history, and future. 

We hope, in this season of change and hope, that you’ll prayerfully consider what is most essential to you and your household, and give accordingly. Each of us cares deeply about this parish, and we invite you – along with us – to give extravagantly, abundantly, and generously this stewardship season from your first fruits. Together, we will see great things happen through St. Michael’s and our faith in God’s goodness!


Your Team LIFE