Transition Corner – February 17

News about the search for our new rector; click here for español.

The Search Committee is the third committee involved in the transition process. This committee will begin its work later in the process, after the Profile Committee has produced the Church Profile and it has been approved by the Vestry and the Bishop. The Profile will provide a thorough description of the St. Michael’s parish, the community in which we live and a job description for the new priest. The congregation will have opportunities to give input on where St. Michael’s has been, where we are and where we are going.

Armed with this information, the search committee will evaluate all the candidates that apply for the position of rector at St. Michael’s. They will sort through candidate submissions based on the job description and goals of the Profile. They will choose candidates for phone interviews, check references, select candidates for visits to their home parish, and decide which candidates will be invited for visits to St. Michael’s. They will then present the final candidates to the Vestry and Bishop.

The members of this committee are John Lidstrom, Tim Shields, Cliff Fairley, Susie Silva-Strommer, Edith Arriaga-Flores, Jana Gregory, Ann Wetherell, Christine Lentz, Amy Valentine and Helen Crandell as Vestry Liaison.

Along the way, the Communications Committee will share information with the congregation about the committee’s progress, though not about individual candidates.

For more information, please contact Cheryl or Dave.