Altar Guild Team Member

Ministry Description:

The Altar Guild prepares the sanctuary for community worship and cares for the vestments, linens, and vessels used in the liturgy.

Position Requirements:

  • Six months active membership at St. Michael & All Angels Church;
  • Must attend an orientation with the Altar Guild Director prior to serving;
  • Each Altar Guild team’s ministry week begins on Saturday morning and concludes the following Friday evening, with Altar Guild coverage expected for all liturgies during this time frame, including funerals, weddings, and other special mid-week services;
  • Commitment to attend scheduled Altar Guild meetings and the annual Christmas and Easter preparation days;
  • Each Altar Guild Team works under the direction of a Team Leader, who is appointed by the Rector.

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Be willing to work as a team member but also willing to learn all aspects of the Altar Guild ministry;
  2. Find a substitute or arrange a trade if you cannot be present for your assigned week;
  3. Be willing to learn to identify by name and purpose all linens, vessels, vestments, and other items used in liturgy;
  4. Be willing to learn how to properly care for all linens, vestments, vessels, and other items used in liturgy;
  5. Be willing to learn to name the various parts of the church, i.e. sacristy, nave, narthex, aumbry, credence table, etc.
  6. Be willing to learn the seasons of the Church Year and the appropriate seasonal colors;
  7. Be willing to learn how to confidently set up for all services of Holy Eucharist and Baptism and clear afterwards without supervision;
  8. Be willing to serve on special days that do not fall on a Sunday: Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and other special days scheduled by the parish;