From the Associate Rector

Conversations about Connection

Many of our connections that predate the pandemic have grown stronger, and even some new ones have grown deeper

Opportunities for an Uplifting Lent

“Uplifting” may not be the first thing you associate with Lent, but we hope it will be by the time Easter comes around this year. We’ve all suffered enough over the past year, but Lent was never about suffering more, anyway. Lent is a time for us to focus as much of our attention as…

The Gift of Seeing You

It’s always the things that other people bring, the way someone reads a reading, a particular anthem, that catch me off guard and break my heart open a little bit so the Spirit can get in.

Prayers for the Journey

While we are still likely a ways off from reopening for regular in-person worship at St. Michael’s, we wish to create a few opportunities for you to prayerfully visit the space and draw near to the sacred center we share with one another.

Small Groups Forming

We’re kicking off another four-week round of our small groups with Associate Rector James Joiner in July. These groups meet over Zoom for an hour each week and are a great opportunity for checking in with each other about the news and our lives as we reflect on the upcoming Sunday Gospel and pray together.

Episcopal 101

It’s time for another round of Episcopal 101, led by Associate Rector James Joiner, happening on four Tuesday evenings in November from 6:30 to 8:00 pm in the Raphael Room. During these gatherings, we’ll get to know the shape and history of our tradition and gain some insight into the practices which make us who…

A Reflection from James’ Sabbatical

On my second Sunday back at St. Michael’s, I led a Forum about my sabbatical, and someone asked me if I had any surprising insights while I was traveling. Great question! I told this story: San Damiano cross While I was in Italy, I went to Assisi, the hometown of St. Francis. I wanted especially…

More Evensong

For past Evensong podcasts with James, click on this link: