Taizé candle Our Taizé Prayer Service will be held next on Monday, February 12, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm in the church. All are welcome.

On the second Monday of each month, a meditative prayer service at 7:00 pm (in the Nave, or sanctuary) is held using the prayers and chants of Taizé. The 75-year-old Taizé Community, located in France, is an ecumenical order of 125 brothers. Its ministry is focused primarily on reconciliation and hope. It is a place of gathering, and its form of music and prayer has a broad global and cross-cultural appeal. At St. Michael’s, we have been singing many of the chants of Taizé on Sunday mornings, and we have been offering a Taizé Prayer service here for eight years. Please consider joining in our monthly St. Michael & All Angels’ Taizé Prayers, 45 minutes of quiet and simplicity and joy. It can be a place of healing and hope in our broken world.

For more information about the Taizé Community, please visit their website, www.taizé.fr/eng.

“Jesus, you are our joy. Help us to discover our inner joy in times of darkness. Breathe through us like a soft breeze and fill our hearts with your everlasting love.”
                                                                                              — Prayer of Lotte, Taizé




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