Youth missions

Every other year, St. Michael’s youth head out of town on a mission trip. Each trip requires an extraordinary amount of planning and community-building fundraising before the trip even gets underway. Youth have held babysitting evenings at the church, organized huge book sales, and hosted Variety Nights which showcased the diverse talents of many youth-group members.

Past mission trips have included an adventure to New York City and Brooklyn in 2016 that partnered with friends of the Rector doing work in Latino ministry and gentrification; a trip to the Nez Perce reservation in Idaho in 2014 to take on painting projects and help at a summer children’s program; an ambitious mission trip to New Orleans in 2012 where the youth volunteered with programs for young children and seniors as well as painting and performing yard work. This past summer, in August 2018, the youth traveled to San Francisco to support the Life Learning Academy Build Project. This construction of a dormitory will provide housing to students of the Life Learning Academy High School that would otherwise find themselves in unstable situations.