Transition Update – August 4

The Profile has been approved by Bishop Diana and has been posted!

This week, the St. Michael’s Profile has been posted in a variety of locations that list job openings in Episcopal churches. In particular, it will appear in the Episcopal Public Policy Network newsletter, which goes to Episcopal churches nationwide. Thanks to an ad purchased by the Vestry, it will be prominently featured for the next two months. It will also be announced in the various dioceses throughout Province Eight, the western province of the Episcopal Church in America. The Profile is posted on our diocesan website, and you can read it on the St. Michael’s website as well. The pdf is also available here.

During the service in the park on Sunday, a copy of the St. Michael’s Profile was officially passed from the Profile Committee to the Search Committee. It is now the Search Committee’s turn to do their part in the search for our new rector.