Transition Corner – February 24

News about the search for our new rector; click here for español

In previous eblasts, we have discussed the three committees involved in the Transition Process. The Vestry is the fourth group involved in the process.

The Vestry began preparing for the Transition in the first place by choosing the members of the Communication, Profile and Search Committees. They also requested a Bishop-assisted search, asking the Diocese to verify that all applicants are Episcopal priests in good standing. That is the only screening the Diocese will do. All other assessments will be made by the Search Committee.

Once the Search Committee has identified the top three contenders, it will be up to the Vestry to make the final selection. They will conduct their own interview process, make their selection and submit their choice to Bishop Akiyama. She will give her approval and blessing and, as the Receiving Bishop, welcome the new rector into our Diocese. The Sending Bishop, the bishop in the new rector’s previous diocese, will also have supported the transfer.

Again, if you have questions or comments regarding the St. Michael’s profile, contact any of the members of the Profile Committee: Barb Miller, Virginia Malone, Bob Spiers, Sheryl Fullerton, Josh English, Brenda Koenig, Elizabeth Muñoz Cortes and Vestry liaison Ruby Welch; or if you have questions or comments on other aspects of the transition, contact Communication Committee members Dave Reilly or Cheryl Braginsky. Contact information for all committee members can be found in the church directory.