There are many ways to PLEDGE!

Dear Ones,

Keep taking those photos of your BALLOT and you PLEDGE CARD drop-offs! We live in this world, and we work to make it better.

Pledges make up almost 90% of our income! Therefore, the pledges we receive from you is how we determine the budget for the next year. Our clergy, staff, utilities, property, programs, Diocesan Program Assessment, our outreach ministries – all of it is from you. Please consider prayerfully what you can pledge financially to the work and ministry of St. Michael’s.

There are many ways to pledge. For our own accounting purposes (and because it is fun to receive the cards back in the mail), send in your pledge card with your 2021 commitment! This allows us to track and keep record of what to expect. You can also indicate on your card how you intend to give.

I donate online so I can get points on my credit card 🙂 I add a few extra dollars a month to cover the electronic fee. I set up an account here. This allows me to set up recurring payments and check in on my personal giving whenever I want. I know other people who love using their own bank to do bill-pay and have a check mailed every month to St. Michael’s. Many others are hooked into our Automatic Withdrawal feature which means our bookkeeper has your banking information and has money automatically withdrawn either once or twice a month. And then there are those dedicated to sending a check or bringing by cash. We welcome ALL forms! In our attempt to make it easy, it may appear more complicated, so click here for a document that may be useful in helping you decide what makes the most sense for you.

As we sense there has been some trouble navigating these options, we have extended our in-gathering to Sunday, November 1, to celebrate, along with All Saints’ Day, the continuation of the legacy of St. Michael’s.

Peace, Chris +

P.S. Look for your 2020 (thus far) giving statements to arrive next week.